Dear Readers,

I am thrilled to inform you that spring is here. As I type this (in early March) the high will be a balmy 65 degrees and although I know that may not mean anything in a week, right now, I choose to bask in the realization that spring is upon us.

Every April we dive into all things green: sustainability, gardening and nature. This month we meet the pack leaders that will pave the way forward for our kids, the Boy and Cub Scouts of America. Despite the onslaught of technology in our world, they continue to involve our youth in activities that get them outside and active.

Diana Lambdin Meyer takes us on a quick road trip to visit with the Iowa Master Gardeners. They teach classes and workshops on everything from planting to canning your crop after harvest. In the bucolic Iowa countryside it’s hard to deny the romance that a farmer has with his land.

And celebrating a big birthday this month is the Barry Christian Church. The church is the only remaining remnant from the original town of Barry, Missouri, absorbed by Kansas City in 1959. This congregation has made it through 175 years of thick and thin, and continue to worship together.

Spring is a time when we can start fresh, dream big and work hard. I’m excited as to what this growing season will bring and I hope that you are as well. Let’s plant the seeds and wait to see what beautiful things grow this season.